Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazon Rain Forest - Day 2 - Fire Ants, tarantula, and piranhas!

We got up at 6:30 and headed to the dining room for breakfast (eggs, bread, jam, etc.). At about 7, we started off from the lodge on a hike. We wore Wellington's as the trail was really muddy. We saw a bunch of wildlife on this ants (who protect the tree they live on to the extent that it is totally free of other plants, twigs, ), a tarantula (very cool...large & hairy - there's some video of it going back into it's hole), some small, black monkeys (saddleback tamarin), piranhas, sardines, a strangling fig (which was hollow since it killed the tree that it started around), leaf carrier ants, brazil nut trees, and a capo of the largest in the rain forest. The walk included a nasty wait on a dock to cross a "lake" which was actually a isolated part of the river...another group had taken all of the boats! Or guides finally improvised by cutting down a tree with a machete and using it as a pole...they were short a paddle.

When we got back from the walk, we had lunch, then took a nap. Dad went on a "medicinal plants" walk, and mom went to see a farm across the river, but the kids just hung out, mostly swinging in the hammocks. Mom & dad hung out with the adults at the bar for a bit before dinner...there is a nice couple from Connecticut and some good folks from Canada (here through GAP Adventures), many of whom are teachers. Nice life, that....being a teacher, having the summer off, traveling all over the world....

We had dinner then Dylan sprinted for bed shortly thereafter, quickly followed by everyone else. Dad and Dylan weren't feeling that great, but hopefully it was just from being tired from the day.

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