Thursday, July 21, 2011

Amazon Rain Forest - Day 3 - Macaws

Last full day in Peru!

We woke up for a 6:30 breakfast again (it was back to Alex getting up and Dylan complaining about it today...) and then hiked down to the water to hop into a boat for a 10 minute ride down river. The place where we got off was really muddy, but we quickly hiked up and out of that and then had about an hour of walking through the jungle until we got to a couple of blinds from which we hoped to see some birds. There was another group already there...they had left the lodge at 5:00 am.

Fairly soon after we got there, a couple of Macaws flew through the air and landed in a tree near the clay lick...they just sat there for along time, and were soon joined by a couple of others. Unfortunately, the other group refused to stay behind the blinds and eventually scared them off. After a while, the second group left for the lodge and then the Macaws came back...there were three varieties, one of which Delford, our guide, had only seen once this year and not at all last year at this particular lick (they were green and blue). Another interesting fact about macaws is that they mate for life at about 3 years of age and live to be upwards of 50 years old! We definitely only saw them flying only in pairs. They stayed in the trees for the time we were there, but we were able to get some good views thanks to the telescope our guides brought. It was a pleasant morning, although I think he kids would rather have stayed at the lodge.

We hiked back to the river, took the boat back to the lodge and then all took showers and put on our only clean clothes. It felt great! Since it was only 11:30, we had plenty of time to hang out, read and talk with some of the other guests before lunch at 1. After that, we came back to our room for some reading and then nap.

After an excellent nap, we headed down to the main lodge to play some May I. We decided to blow off the afternoon hike to a mammal salt lick as the kids (and mom & dad, to be honest) had had enough...we're ready to go home and just want to rest until that long trip, which starts in the morning.

Mom & Alex did decide to go on the "cayman hunt" at 8 pm. Dylan and Persie went to bed and dad hung out at the bar with our new friends from Connecticut, Tom & Carole. The cayman hunt was successful, as they saw three of the beasts, including one that was really a "deer in the headlights." They also saw a couple of big was worth the trip. When they got back, Alex went to bed and mom and dad had one last beer with Tom & Carole before heading off to bed.

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