Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back to Lima...

Last night on the "wooden" bed! It was even more exciting this time than it was yesterday given that we had to sleep on it again...we were up at 2:30 and got off at about 3:00 am. The bus didn't actually leave San Pedro until about 3:35 as it stopped at seemingly every house along the way to pick someone else up...even waiting up to 5 minutes for some folks! The Peruvian culture was in full force for this trip as they had LOUD music blaring with the accompanying video for the whole ride. It took a while to get used to it, but most of us eventually got about 45 minutes of rest during the 3 hour journey to Chosica. The ride wasn't as interesting as the one up to San Pedro as we couldn't see anything until we were almost all the way down out of the the mountains.

When we pulled into the parking lot at the end of ride at about 6:00 am, there was a full fledged farmer's market going on...we didn't stop to look as we were pretty tired and our taxi was waiting. We drove to Melsina's house to pick up our "lost" backpack and then headed to our hotel for the night...the Peru Star in the Isidro district of Lima. The kids were very excited to be in a more Americanized situation - we had two rooms complete with showers and eventually moved in to a two bedroom apartment for the night.

We had a great breakfast (the kids even had pancakes with real maple syrup!), took showers and a nap and then headed in to the Miraflores district where we wandered around a mall and had an American lunch (Friday's, if you can believe it) on the Pacific ocean. We then headed back to our hotel for another nap and dinner. As we were getting ready for bed, the hotel delivered hot chocolate and churros..yummy! We're excited to be heading inland to Cuzco tomorrow! Or flight has been pushed back to 12:50, so we'll get to sleep in and have a relatively relaxing morning.

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