Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

We woke up and were headed to the restaurant at 7 am. It was early! After breakfast, we went to work. Alex, Dylan, and Persie worked in the greenhouse with Yeseña, and mom and dad worked on the irrigation canal. After a bit, Dylan and Persie went up to work on the adobe bricks. It was really hard and frustrating work, but everyone kept at it until about 10:40.

At 11, we taught our English class to the 5th graders. We were trying to teach them greetings and "feelings.". It was hard because everyone was shy at first, but they loosened up as the class went by.

Next, we had lunch and then went back up to the room to rest. At 3, we performed our recycling skit and talked to the students about the benefits and importance of this. There'd is a lot of trash around town and it seems that everyone just throws stuff where/when it's convenient. I guess with all this land around, it must be hard to worry about a wrapper.

After the skit, all the kids played a soccer game while Dad, Mom, Yeseña, Dave & Kaitlyn went to work on adobe bricks. The soccer game ended after a bit and before we knew it, all the Baroody kids as well as a bunch of kids from San Pedro were all helping to make the bricks. We sifted a huge pile of dirt and mixed in straw. Unfortunately, there was no water (the water is only available periodically at the school...therefore the irrigation ditch and the reservoir), so we couldn't make the bricks today.

Later on, Yeseña taught us some Spanish - greetings and feelings. For dinner we had a yummy chicken dish made with onions and peppers.

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