Saturday, July 23, 2011


We got into Miami on time and had to move quickly to get on to our next flight as Mom was able to move us to an earlier flight the night before, but was not able to check our bags all the way through to Boston on the same flight. Things went pretty smoothly, though, as our travel experienced kids knew how to move through the airport, get breakfast, etc. We actually had to wait for about 5 minutes when we got to the gate before we could board. We were in the last row on the plane to Boston, but happy to be back in the USA, if not to be on such little sleep!

We're really looking forward to Cabot's for lunch and then getting home for some sleep. We hear that it's been really hot all over the US, including in Boston, but it's supposed to break tomorrow...guess we'll have to get out the AC units and get in the's all good, after all...

Final impressions: the people of Peru were incredibly nice, the scenery was spectacular, and the trip was harder than we thought it would be on a number of fronts including San Pedro, the hiking, and the kids dealing with being in a foreign country where no one spoke English.

Bests: Dylan - backpacking and Machu Picchu; Alex - going home; Persie - riding horses over the high passes; Mom - hiking over the passes and animals in the rainforest; Dad - the high passes, hiking in altitude and not struggling.

Worsts: Dylan - the 3 am bus ride with the blaring, horrible music and the train ride back to Ollantaytambo from Aguas Calientes; Alex - San Pedro; Persie - biting llamas; Mom - the day everyone was sick except for me; Dad - the "Avocado Incident."

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