Friday, July 8, 2011

Last day in San Pedro

We woke up this morning at around 7:00 and started packing for our departure.   We sent the kids down to the restaurant to get ready for breakfast at about 7:35 and finally made it ourselves at about 7:50.  Breakfast was bread, cheese, and cornflakes with the standard juice and tea.

There was no real word about when the bus would be leaving. Yesina thought it would be any time from about 1 to about 3, but said that we needed to be flexible.  After eating, we went up to the room to finish packing and then headed up to the irrigation canal to do some digging. We worked for a good couple of hours and made a lot of progress...despite the fact that Dave and Kaitlyn did nothing but clear out a junction box from the mud. Everyone of us contributed, from Persie using the shovel to Alex and Dylan using a pick to Mom and Dad using both. We wrapped up at about 11:30 just short of our goal...overall, though, we were happy that we had contributed as best we could.

We had a lunch of "hamburgers" that were just patties on top of rice and then hung out waiting for the bus...Mom and the kids played Skipbo with Dave and Kaitlyn and Dad read his book sitting on the curb. After a bit, we got the bad news that there would be no bus today and that we would have to take the 3 am bus in the morning...bummer!  We decided to go read and nap, did that, then the kids watched a movie with Dave and Kaitlyn and Mom and Dad headed back up to the irrigation canal.  This time, we got as far as we wanted, including digging up the biggest rock ever...job well done! We had dinner (basically the same meal as lunch) and headed to bed early...all out by about 8:30 or 9:00.

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