Friday, July 22, 2011

Heading home

It was a tough night sleep for some of us...the excitement of the trip and a lot of wind, plus some howler monkeys in the middle of the night, made for a loud number of hours. We eventually got up at around 7:30, had breakfast and got on the boat at about 8:15. The boat ride was fast but really cold...we picked up a few other people at the other lodge, which was closer to the port, made it to port and then had the 45 minute bus ride to the Refugios headquarters near the airport. After repacking, we had a quick bus tour of Porto Madolnado (including their Plaza de Armas and the bridge that leads to Brazil in 200 kilometers), dropped off the California women who where part of our group (Sara, Sara, and Jamie), and then headed to the airport.

The airport is teeny, with only two gates and and not much for food. Given that, we had snickers bars, chips, and cookies for lunch, hoping for more on the plane. Alex figured out that we would be spending as much time in layovers (12 hours) as in the air over the next 24 hours...woah!

The flight to Cusco was quick and painless...just about 1/2 hour of flying time, then a quick stop on the deplaning here. We had a relatively quick turnaround and then took off for Lima at about 4:15. The views of the Andes at the beginning of the flight were pretty surprise there given what we saw while hiking!

We got into Lima and quickly realized that our flight hadn't started check in as we had 5 hours before flight time. Given that, we had dinner at McDonald's and Subway and then moved back downstairs to wait for the counter to open. We realized that a bunch of people weeded already lined up at about 7:15, got in line and eventually made it through by about 8:30. We then proceeded to the gate, charged our iStuff and Mom & Dad had a last Peruvian beer (we were disappointed that they didn't have Cusquena). We boarded the plane about about 10:15 and basically survived the Redeye with as much sleep as we could get...Dylan won as he took some NyQuil.

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